Eddie Trunk Interview

Curtis King Jr. - Backstreets Interview

Fall 2017 Interview

Backup singer Curtis King Jr. is certainly recognizable to Bruce Springsteen fans the world over. Curtis was a part of the Seeger Sessions Band/Tour and later became a member of the extended
E Street Band. Curtis was nice enough to sit down recently to talk
about the release of his very first solo album Changing Face and
about his experiences working with Bruce.

Photo: Courtesy of 825 Records

Pamela Moore Interview

Sister Mary Breaks Her Silence

July 2007 Interview

The voice of “Sister Mary” on the Queensryche concept albums Operation:Mindcrime and Operation:Mindcrime II. Pamela talks about bringing the Mindcrime story to life on stage with Queensryche.

Eddie Trunk Interview

New York City's Rock Radio Savior

March 2007 Interview

Co-host of VH1Classic's 'That Metal Show' as well as host of the nationally syndicated radio show 'Friday Night Rocks', Eddie Trunk discusses his radio show and the radio business.

Eddie Trunk Interview

The Jim Florentine Q&A

August 2012 Interview

Stand-up comic and co-host of VH1Classic's 'That Metal Show', Jim Florentine takes a moment to talk about his career, opening up for the band Slayer, and his take on the recent movie 'Rock of Ages'.