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VH1Classic's That Metal Show's Jim Florentine
Q&A with Erik Remec

August 2012 Interview

Stand-up comic Jim Florentine is also a co-host (along with Eddie Trunk and Don Jamieson) of VH1Classic's That Metal Show . 'That Metal Show', which recently wrapped up its 10th season, is the cable channel's longest running original series. Season 11 of the show is currently in production and is set to premiere at the end of the Summer.

Jim takes a moment out of his busy schedule to talk about his career, opening up for the band Slayer, and his take on the recent movie 'Rock of Ages'.


Erik Remec: In addition to being one of the co-hosts of VH1Classics That Metal Show, you’re also a comic. How did you get your start in stand-up?

Jim Florentine: I also wanted to be in a band but I quickly realized I couldn't play an instrument and I knew I wanted to be onstage somehow so I started to write dick jokes.

ER: It’s nice that you’re able to combine two things you love ... comedy and music.

JF: I'm a lucky bastard! And you should see my wife too! WTF!

ER: I’m sure you’ve done some interesting gigs over the years but the toughest must 
 have been when you opened up for the band Slayer. Man, talk about a tough room!

JF: It was brutal but I like to challenge myself. Overall I went over pretty well with the crowds. There were a few rough nights for sure.

ER: You also just performed at Metallica’s Orion festival in Atlantic City. How was that experience?

JF: That show was probably the highlight of my career; especially with [Metallica's drummer] Lars [Ulrich] introducing me onstage. Just to on the same bill with Metallica was insane!

ER: Metal, as a genre, always seems to get treated dismissively but it turns out that That 
 Metal Show is now, I believe, the longest running original show to ever air on 
 VH1Classic. Do you guys feel vindicated?

JF: I never take that personally about the stigma Metal gets. It's just said by people that know nothing about the music. Metal has the most loyal fans. That says a lot about the genre.

ER: I can see from your podcast that you really didn’t like the movie Rock of Ages.

JF: It was the worst piece of shit I've ever seen. I'd rather watch my car on fire.

ER: Your TMS co-host Eddie Trunk is an outspoken critic of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
 because of that institution’s snubbing of many iconic hardrock and metal bands 
 (Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Rush, Deep Purple, Motorhead, ...). Do you sense a 
 backlash growing among the public against the R&R Hall?

JF: [The] Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame is very similar to what Rolling Stone magazine is and what they think is cool and highbrow. Metal has never been featured in Rolling Stone before. I think it's cool that those bands are not in [the Hall]. Real fans know how great they are.

ER: So now you, Eddie, & Don are starting to hit the the road for some live dates. How's the reaction been to the live shows so far? What can audiences who haven't seen you guys live expect?

JF: The live shows have been incredible. The fans are fanatical. It's a mixture of some stand-up, storytelling, and a Q&A.

ER: When can we expect the new season of That Metal Show here in the U.S.?

JF: August 11th, [2012].

ER: Any other upcoming projects that we can look forward to from you?

JF: I have a new CD coming out on Metal Blade Records on September 4th, [2012] called Awful Jokes From My First Comedy Notebook.

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